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Grafted, certified and guaranteed walnut, almond and chestnut seedlings

We offer you to set up your walnut and chestnut farm and take care of for the first year!

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About us

We are working for you

We are writing a Walnut Seedling Story from Bandırma to the World. Today, with the developments in technology and rapid industrialization, the importance of nature has increased and it has become social responsibility to help humanity and nature to breathe.
At the same time we want to write a "walnut story" that will both support the nature and take over the investments we make. We want to develop the relations of Turkey and foreign countries with our disciplined and successful past that has been gathered with the experience of 25 years in Balkans and spread the walnut story that started in Bandırma to the whole world in time.

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Our main features

We are highly committed to quality assurance

Feed your brain

By eating only 2 or 3 pieces of walnuts per day

You ask

We provide sertified and grafted seedlings

Let us set your irrigation system

Good quality and sertified drip irrigation systems

Three types of qualified seedlings


Silver ions and walnut

Do you know that the only good that contains the silver ions is  WALNUT ?

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quality products

We deliver certificated products

We are proud that our business is truly "green". By planting a large number of trees and constantly increasing our plantations, we are contributing to making the planet green and fighting global warming.


We provide blue or yellow certified seedlings

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Laurel Wreath

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Laurel Wreath

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+90 850 207 17 49

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MİSBELL Fidancılık Tarım İnşaat Turizm ve Kuyumculuk Sanayi Ticaret Ltd.Şti.
Atatürk Mahallesi Turgut Özal Bulvarı Gardenya 3 Atşh. Sitesi 12 Apt. No: 1/10/52