Water supply pressure and control unit

The height of the difference must be known (the difference in height is not required if the capacitance is at a level corresponding to the operating pressure and loss of load in the system).
In this case, low pressure drippers are selected, designed to minimize load losses, for example, if the diameter of the pipe is selected, the loss of load decreases, the initial investment costs increase
• The flow rate of the receiver and the operating pressure should be known if irrigation water is taken from the collective pressure system (hydrant)
• If the altitude difference is not sufficient or the water is taken from the well, the pressure needed to irrigate the drop must be provided by the pump
• Depending on the type of water source, one of the centrifugal, deep or submersible pumps can be used.

Pump unit


• The pump provides pressure on the water and drainage of the water to the pipeline.
• The use of larger pumps increases the cost of the system, which leads to increased energy consumption.
• When draining water from the canal, wells are used with centrifugal pumps with horizontal shaft
• When using water from deep wells, deep wells and submersible machines are used.

Suction pipe;Pipe between suction chamber and pump inlet.
Bottom clack and filter ; providing a unitary flow at the inlet pipe  which has a valve that prevents the inverted flow from the discharge pump into the pump and the suction pipe. In principle, this cover is placed in the filter.

• In the irrigation system, the water must be filled into the system after very good filtration. In the opposite of the doci to the eyebrows. This is done in the control unit.
• Control unit controls the pressure and amount of water for the irrigation system. Plant vegetable nutrient ingredients with irrigation water
• The control unit is usually installed at the beginning of the main pipeline. Since water filtering is not possible in very fast water passages, the control units should be selected by a diameter and a number suitable for the flow of the system.
• In some systems, Time and Filtering can be automatically controlled

Elements of the control unit
• Cyclones,
• Gravel sand,
• Filling unit,
• Screen filter,
• Pressure regulators (pressure regulators)
• Water meters
• Manometers
• Valves
• Suction
• Other materials


Control unit;

If the water source is near the plot, after the motopompt, it should be close to the plot if it is too far from the ground.