Using Leonardite in Walnut Saplings Planting

In our country, in a large part of the land has begun to form an inefficient structure due to misapplication practices. Particularly it is observed that there is an increase in Ph ratios  and considerable decrease in organic matter ratios.
Before we plant walnut saplings in our field you should do soil analysis to understand the structure of our soil. You should have an idea about the structure of your soil by analyzing soil samples from 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm depths. 
The first things we need to pay attention to in soil analysis; must be the Ph state, the clay rate, the lime rate and the organic matter condition. These four factors will guide us in what applications we should do while preparing the soil before planting the seedlings and how we should do the first fertilization.

 As a result of the analysis, high clay and Ph rate and low organic matter content  indicate the need for  regulating the planting soil. The arrangement to be made will help walnut seedlings grow strong and fast especially in their first years.
According to the results of the analysis, the necessary regulation in the soil which is evaluated as inefficient, ie PH, clay and organic matter unbalanced soil, should start with deep plowing and soil blasting. These operations must be done before opening the seedling pits.
Sapling pits we will plant walnut saplings should be 50-60 cm wide in 1 meter deep. Before planting, we should take measures to increase the organic matter in our soil, reduce the clay and the PH ratio. One of the ways to bring these three values to the desired level is the use leonardite on whole parts of our fields or just in seedling pits..
Leonardite is a fertilization product that can be used in the bottom part of the seedling pit that does not come into contact with the seedlings and in the soil of the seedlings that touch the capillary roots of the seedlings. Since it is an organic product and not a chemical, there is no danger of burning the capillary roots of the seedlings. It will have a positive effect on the walnut in the later stages.
How and When to Use Leonardite in Walnut Sapling Planting?
a. Prior to plowing the field with deep plow, discharging of  200-250 kg of powdered Leonardite will regulate the soil and increase the organic elements. In this process, leonardite will be applied 30 cm below the soil. the seedlings pits that will be opened after this application, will be covered by the surface soil that is mixed with leornadit. So that leornadit will reach the depth of 100 cm in the pits.
b. If the planting will be done without the plowing of the soil; 3.5-4 Kg powder leonardite can be used for the planting of seedlings. This application can be done in the subsoil and in the soil where the capillary roots are located. Leonardite has no risk of burning capillary roots.
c. In the next years, the soil between the trees that plowed deeply, shall be mixed with 200-250 kg powder leonardite per decare once every five years. The leonardite applied under the tree should be mixed with the spud or the spud machine
d. Can be mixed with chemical fertilizers.
Basic Benefits of Leonardite;
Regulates PH level. The leornadite with suitable ph value should be used.
Rapidly increases the amount of humus and organic amount in the soil and regulates the soil.
 Reduces salinity in soil.Increases the water holding capacity of the soil.
Enables the development of organic life by aerating the soil.
It provides the breakdown of clay in soil which causes inefficiency.
Because it darkens the soil color, it increases the use of the solar heat. By activating phosphorus and potassium previously deposited in the soil, It makes them more useful for the plant .
It creates the necessary organic environment in the soil. So that the fertilizers acts more usefull for the plants. Increasing the organic amount in the soil will help the seedlings grow faster and better, and they have a positive effect on the prevention and control of diseases.
The Values of a Good Leonardite;
The Ph ratio
Should be between 3 and 5.
Organic Matter Amount
Should be above 40%.
Humic + Fulvic
Acid Ratio
Should be above 40%.
Should be below 20%.

Regulation of the Ph level of the soil by Leonardite;
The desired PH ratio is between 6 and 8 for walnut cultivation. However, the ideal PH ratio is 6. When building a garden we have to be sure that especially the PH ratio of the leonardites is suitable that will used during the plantation. The leonardites with high Ph rate will not be benefitial for our soil. There are differfent varieties of the leonardites in the market, because of that the one with hight Ph ratio should not be used in such lands.
In order to increase the organic amount in open rooted and tube seedlings production, animal manure and Leonardit should be used together. For the first time, we recommend using only leonardite in the seedling pit in case of animal manure may burn capillary roots. We recommend the use of leonardit, which we have observed good effects on the development of our seedlings.