Silver ions and walnut

In the XIV century, the black plague epidemic killed 25% of Europeans, while the Romibles were the only people who were alive.The reason for this was that the Gypsies transformed silver into an injection form and gave it to the body through the vascular system.What is the nature of the silver could she protect the Gypsies even from the plague as people were extinct?The most important characteristic of silver ion is that it is antibacterial and possesses a low dose of toxicity, which is why it is a heavy metal on which microorganisms can not get immunity.
In addition, the silver element has antibiotic properties and is very useful in bacterial infections, burns, wounds and chronic illness. Since a silver metal element that can react with this poison is immediately recognized.Doctors are aware of the benefits of silver and should advise their patients to eat from silverware if they want to be healthy.
States that did not want to poison, usually used silver glasses, plates, cutlery, and so on.
You must have heard of the phrase 'Born with a silver spoon in your mouth' which is used for rich people.The origin of this claim stems from the fact that people know the healing effect of silver and put a spoon in the mouth to newborn babies in order to protect them.Silver is also the only element that can destroy DNA types of bacteria.
We are talking about an element that can prevent the spread of many diseases that are still present in our body, allowing healthy cells in the body to multiply rapidly. So, what is the silver that is extracted from our lives? If so useful, why not use it? The starting point for this price comes from the Second World War. Penicillin, which was discovered in the treatment of the disease and the wound at that time, begins to produce synthetically. And so, a new era of pathetic synthetic drugs begins in medicine, which makes large pharmaceutical companies very rich. These companies will not be able to sell anything that they have not patented, and natural substances can not be patented by nature (!). So it is removed from the system of life in which we were born. More precisely, it is wrong to say that it is completely removed, in some way forgotten, and instead, we have learned to use the synthetic penicillin that produces companies.
In 1906, John D. Rockefeller, who bought all the major pharmaceutical companies, knew that colloidal silver was an obstacle to the sale of drugs.For this reason, with the help of Jude Abraham Felxner, all medical faculties in the United States have found that silver water will not be processed and that all professors who fail to comply with these instructions will be deprived of work licenses.Interestingly, Rockefeller never allowed the family to take medication.David Rockefeller, who died a few months ago, has left one of the largest contributions to his pharmaceutical industry.
Does it make sense?
The silver element is because of all these things that are mentioned removed from our lives.
For now, many people can not benefit from the infinite advantages of the silver element, for they do not encourage us or direct us.
On the contrary, they sell synthetically produced panteninated drugs (!). Let's see how long human beings can endure (!)
Finally, WALNUT it is the only nutrient containing silver ions.
If you read this information, one of the most important choices of silver ions is walnut and should be consumed permanently.