Usage and Benefits of Chestnut

It is considered to be a very important wood in multi-purpose forests.İt is used as firewood as forest products ,also for the production of honey, including the use of leaves and flowers for various purposes.
In fact, in ancient times, it was called as'tree of bread' and it was used as the main source of food. From the past, until now, the chestnut which the Turkish people paid attention to due to incorrect use and illness has been compromised. Productivity of wood and fruit is gradually decreasing.
In Turkey chestnut can be eaten cheese, boiled, fried on fire, or baked in the oven. It is used in the production of flour, confectionery products, as well as in rice, in meals with meat , soups.
One of the dimensions of cultural accumulation is traditional knowledge of chestnut and its use. Despite its wide use for various purposes throughout the country, there are not enough studies to determine traditional chestnut information and its use.
 In this study, the aim is to discover the traditional terms of knowledge about chestnut and its use, produced from natural forests or cultivated individuals, due to the wide use of fruits, leaves, leaves and flowers.

How to consume chestnuts?

Chestnut, which is an irreplaceable snack of winter evenings, can be used as a flavor, in rice meals and can be consumed only by cooking. There are several methods for cooking chestnuts.
In the oven or it can be boiled in water. We also wanted to add information that experts say is more useful when they are boild. Chestnuts are most consumed in winter and can be used in cakes. Especially in winter cakes of varieties of chestnut cake that is favorite to everyone. The sweet chestnut can be eaten by putting in desserts and cakes.


Tips for cooking chestnuts
Wash the chestnuts before baking.Now make a line on the swollen part of the chestnut. For this process there are also new appliances. After that chestnut soak in cold water for one hour. You can add sugar or salt to the water. After filtering , bake or cook in oven heated to 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Another way to chest  easily is to put chestnuts in the fridge for at least 12 hours, then put them in boiling water. Then wash again with cold water.


Sweet chestnuts (Taste that coming from Burse)
Sweet chestnuts are made at the foot of Mount Uludağa of chestnuts cooked in sugare. The varieties of sweet chestnuts are sweetened by the characteristic features of the Bursa. The chestnut sweet  that has been produced for centuries in houses in Bursa in the early 1900s was made at the foot of Uludag by cooked chestnut. The sweet chestnut began to be sold as a double product in the early 1900s, Hakkı Efendi from Bursa was the first to make a double sweet chestnut and won a gold medal at the exhibition in Bursa. Then Rasim Öztat, the owner of Ulus Patisserie, developed a sweet chestnut. However, Kafkas sweets spreads sweet chestnuts as a brand for the whole world.

Benefits of chestnuts

Chestnut contains a higher percentage of starch and water than other fruits. The amount of protein and fat of chestnut is low. It has starch, fibers, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and minerals. Vitamins B1, B2 and C.100 grams chestnut is 160 calories 100 grams of chestnut contains 34 grams of carbohydrates, 3.2 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of fat and 8-10 grams of fiber.

Since chestnut contains high carbohydrates, those on a diet need to consume them in a controlled manner. In particular, diabetics, those with arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure should eat small amounts of chestnut.

Magnesium and phosphorus, which play an important role in the metabolism of the bones, are found in chestnut. They take a calming effect. It helps to relieve stress. Vitamin C in chestnut is essential for the formation of a matrix in the teeth, bones and blood vessels. It is useful for the brain because it prevents forgetfulness and Alzheimer's disease. Strengthens the immune system and relieves aging of the cells.

Chestnut is one of the important fruits for health, stating that it is chestnut sugar, good for mental fatigue.

Chestnut was called a tree of bread. It has a nutritional role in human health due to the structure of carbohydrates. It plays an important role in the decay of children. Removes wrinkles on the skin and makes the face rejuvenated.

Chestnut, which helps healing enlarged and haemorrhagic diseases, plays a role in the regulation of blood circulation, it is also good for anemia, tiredness and relieves liver tear and strengthens the stomach. In the winter months, kebabs in barbecue and ovens, chestnuts and souvenirs are among the most popular products of the food industry like sugar.