Is Walnut Growing Profitable?

In aquaculture to be done with any kind of fruit, in order to talk about profitability it is first necessary to look at its economic life. For example, dwarf apple cultivation is a very profitable aquaculture in the short term if market conditions are favorable. In the second year of its foundation, it begins to cover a significant portion of the costs; In the third-fourth year the garden goes to land. In the next 10-12 years it gives a lot of crops (6-10 tons / da) and it makes a lot of money to the grower.

In the following years, it is necessary to renew the garden with another kind of fruit; because the dwarf apple garden's economic life is over. With the other fruit varieties of market value, the economical life of dwarf fruit grows a bit longer, but it does not change much and all dwarf fruit orchards are deactivated in 20-25 years.

When the garden is set up with classical rootstocks, although the life span is a bit long, the rapid profit transformation observed in dwarf fruit growing does not take place this time. More precisely, in the fruit gardens established with classical rootstocks, the transformation of snow is not much different from walnut gardens. However, in all of the fruit gardens established with classical rootstocks, the economic lifespan and ending up to 40-45 years (if well established, this may only be 100 years or more in pistachios and olives), for well established walnut gardens we can easily declare a life scyle of 100 to 150 years. As a matter of fact, we can see that 100-150 years old walnut trees still give plenty of fruit in our trips in different regions of our country.

In walnut horticulture established with grafted seedlings of new varieties, income can be earned to cover the costs incurred in 3-5 years. It is possible to find grafted seedlings at a reasonable good price since sufficient walnut seedlings are produced in our country.

Since walnut seedlings have strong root systems, they can grow on their own without the need for any wire system. This comes as a factor that facilitates the establishment of the walnut garden and reduces the costs of establishing it. As you can imagine, setting up a walnut garden is as easy and cheap as setting up a garden with other types of fruit.