Benefits of Walnut Farming

When the costs of the walnut garden are divided into the economic life of the farms, we face too little money to be ignored against other fruit species. Walnut is a very good export product. The reasons for this superiority are:
1- Walnut storage is much easier and less costly than other fruit types.
2- It is necessary to lower the moisture content below 60% to store walnuts. The cold chain can be transported at distances without need. This fruit can be stored indefinitely for 18-20 months even in ordinary storage. This makes the manufacturer strong in the market during sales. The manufacturer can wait for the product to be removed at the most appropriate time without the obligation to remove it immediately.
3- It is possible to export the fruit as in Shell or kernel.
4 -  Walnut is also used in the health and cosmetic sectors.
5- It is less likely to be affected by disease and harm than other fruit species.
6- Harvesting walnuts by mechanical methods is more beneficial in terms of time and money.
7- Walnut tree shells and nuts are widely used in industrial branches. It is possible to add many such features.
8 Trees live in a suitable environment for many years and the yield of the product increases year by year. Because of all these reasons, we support the walnut planting being a very profitable investment instrument.
9. The grafted Chandler and Fernor walnut trees gives;
7-9 years old 25 – 40 kgs.,
10-19 years old 50 – 70 kgs.,
20 - 30 years old  80 – 100 kgs of products .
It is also known that Chandler and Fernor seedlings are very resistant to frost early in the spring due to late flowering. Chandler is the highest yield grafted walnut sapling variety.
10.   Walnut trees are begins to yield very early ages;
Ungrafted (wild) walnuts begin to give fruit at the age of 7-10, and grafted ones at the age of 4. At the same time, from 6 kg of inshell walnuts of wild trees we can get maximum 1.5 - 2 kg of kernel walnuts. On the other hand, we can get at least 3 kgs of kernel walnut from grafted ones.