Drip irrigation equipments and installation

Clamp Saddle
Nipells and Gaskets
Tools for installation of drip irrigation system
Adapter clamping apparatus
Pipe cutting apparatus
Pipe drilling apparatus
Pipe laying and collecting apparatus
As shown in fig.1, the pipe winding machine is collected in a closed position. As in fig. 2, the movable handle is opened and removed
Operating – Maintenance - Cleaning
Drip irrigation pipes should be washed with pressurized water after installation and after the end of the irrigation season.
The frequency of cleaning depends on the quality of the water used and the rate of accumulation at the end of the pipe that causes the dripper clogging (once in 15 days). The minimum pressure at the end of the drip irrigation pipes should be 0.6-0.9 atu.  Using the system at a lower pressures may cause future blockages.
Depending on the water quality, the filters should be cleaned frequently so that the difference between the inlet and outlet pressure of the filter is max.0,5 atm.
If the pipes are to be stored at the end of the season, clean removal of the pipes becomes important.
For indicating the irrigation programs; the various methods such as tesiometers, evaporation containers etc. can be used.
In drip irrigation systems, the filters used in the control unit should be cleaned from time to time. The cleaning frequency of the filters depends on the pollution of the water used.
A partially clogged filter will result in reduced system operating pressure and ultimately negative consequences. Depending on the filter clogging condition, the equipment may be damaged and the water supply to the system may be interrupted.
Cleaning can be done manually or automatically.
Cleaning the system
During the watering season, NITRIC ACID (85%) is given at least 2 times per hectare in the middle and end of the watering season in order to avoid clogging in the drippers.
First, the water is filled into a fertilizer container. Nitric acid is poured slowly and carefully and at the end of the watering, acid is given.
Main fertilizer valve is thoroughly cut down and acid is given to the system within 10-15 minutes.
The engine is stopped and after waiting for 20-30 minutes the engine is restarted and the drippers are opened one by one and the drip irrigation pipes are cleaned.
The system is then re-operated to allow the acidic water pass through the drippers. This aplication also takes about 10 minutes.
The system is stopped again. Blind plugs at the end of the lateral pipes are removed and the system is restarted. This time, clean water is pressed into the system and the cleaning process is completed and the melting lime is discharged from the system.