One Year Maintanance Schedule for Almond

Setting up a Garden
The shape of the almond orchard varies according to the ecological conditions of the garden. Seeds can be sown directly on infertile soils, and as they can be vaccinated in place, they can be planted in spring or autumn with grafting seedlings in places where they have irrigation conditions.
When almonds do not match with themselves and other types of almond gardens, they are planted with at least two varieties.The garden can be planted in two rows of varieties of economic importance and one row of pollinators, or it can be planted in two rows with two varieties that match. Planting range varies depending on varieties, ecological conditions and care conditions. These ranges can be 3x3 m, 3x6 m, 5x6m or 6x6m.

Pruning of Almond Seedlings
The shape given to the almond trees must be created in the first 2 years.The leaves consist of one and two-year-old branches and bouquets on the branches.The clearing should be done carefully and circumcision should be avoided.One of the issues to consider when almond ore is a form to be given to trees.The most suitable almond treatment system is to branch out a branch (ie Modified) system. In the first 2-3 years, the almond cultivation should be completed. In the following years the pruning yield is very important. It is necessary to avoid cutting the thick branches.However, branches with thickness of 0.5-3 cm should be removed from the tree.During the development period, thin branches of trees again can be trimmed.This prevents the excessive branching of the branches through the winter.If it is necessary to remove thick branches, the cutting surface must be covered with a paste for vaccination.
Pruning the top: The top of the planted seedlings should be pruned by 70-80cm.
Summer Cutting: Seedlings are given a modified shape.
Pruning form: The pruning of the almond trees gets the shape of the vase. It is necessary to pay attention to pruning as the fruit develops into spurus that lasts five years.
Cutting technique: The cutting is a technical process. So there are some rules. Some of them are:
  • Trees should be treated by physiological circles.
  • From intensive agglomeration of leaves on the tree, we can cut out the place for fruit groups that will form in the year.
  • Fruits are more often seen on lateral branches or on parts whose top is not visible.
  • Simultaneously with the process of prunning, a balanced development of wood and crown is ensured. If we do not touch the almond at an early age, the almond becomes sterile. Therefore, in the spring, in the last year the previous peaks whose buds will give the fruit should be pruned over 20 cm.
  • Pruning trees should be examined and each branch should be considered separately. In well-formed trees, cutting branches must be applied at the end points where vegetative growth takes place.
Irrigation of  Almond Seedlings
The cultivation of almonds in our country is done in dry conditions.There is no need for irrigation of almonds in regions with annual precipitation above 600 mm. Watering has great benefits during the summer It may need to be watered for several years after planting.Grafted almonds, after being developed in dry conditions, give the fruit. The tree is not a tree that wants too much water. However, if irrigated, yield increases by 2- 4 times.The treatment should be carried out to extend the irrigation and weed control intervals.

Fertilization of Almond Seedlings
The excess of nitrogen needed for development is not kept in the soil. Therefore, every year, nitrogen should be added to the almonds gardens. Fertilization gives good results.The amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other microelements to be applied is determined most accurately through soil and leaf analyzes.In summer, the most suitable soil for almond is those that are deep, waterproof and draining.On land that is poor, heavy, impermeable and not drained,the almond tree can not be developed well.Chemical fertilizers should be given according to the results of the tests carried out on almonds.Nitrogen fertilizers on the surface, and others such as potassium and phosphorus should be placed in strips where the shadows that create the crown.

Soil processing
The almond trees in the spring of the tractor and the wild plants that appeared during the winter are buried underground The plowing in the autumn allows for rain and snow to penetrate deeper into the soil. During plowing, care should be taken carefully so that roots dontbr  hurt .Where there is cancer, cancer should be wrapped manually so that the damage to the roots is minimized.