Almond Reproduction and Rootstocks

Grafting and Rootstocks
The grafting should be done in September, when the temperatures are relatively low, instead of in July and August.
At the end of September, due to the fact that the rootstock does not rise well, there may be difficulty with T method, and in this case a method of grafting on a green bud can be used, without  need to lift the rootstock.

Rootstock: Almonds, plums, peaches of almonds are used as rootstock of almond.It is necessary to consider compatibility with varieties, compatibility with soil and climatic conditions, irrigation, soil root cancer and nematode status.
Almond:This is the most suitable rootstock in deep-drained and non-irrigated areas. It is tolerant on lime soil.
The rootstock of almonds is sensitive to nematodes of the roots, root cancer and Armillaria disease (rotten root or fungi, etc.)
Compatibility with varieties is good, the grafited trees are long-lived and strong.
The almond seeds must be folded to 0.5 to 5 ° C for 3-4 weeks for good germination.

Peach:Used in places where watering problems and nematodes occur. It is not suitable for land with high limestone and dried soil. The most commonly used varieties of peach are varieties Lovell and Nemaguard which are resistant to nematodes. On land where irrigation is done, the trees that are grafted with peach seedlings develop quickly in the first years and give more product than the rootstock of almonds for 15-20 years.
Peach rootstocks provide fruit early.But it is short-lived.They are sensitive to nematodes and therefore the x peach material is used.
Compatibility of almonds with peach rootstock is not good. It swolles over the grafited places. After 10-12 years its stopes with giving of fruites.
Materials of almond x peach hybrids.
The almonds peach materials mostly satisfy the different soil conditions. Hybrids are very strong and root systems are well bound.
GF 557, GF 677 are suitable for vegetative reproduction.

Plums:Generally speaking, the almond is not compatible with plum, the yield is low and at most fruits the outer shell is glued to the almond and the life span of the trees is short.